Howard Dean: Too Late For Biden, Can't Attract People Under 35 Like Hillary Can


MATT LAUER, TODAY SHOW: If Joe Biden were to come to you and say, Howard, as a former leader of this party and a guy who ran for president in 2004, I'm considering getting in. Should I jump in? Do I have a chance to win? What would you tell him?

FMR. HOWARD DEAN (D-VT): Well, look, I have a lot of respect for Joe Biden. He's been a terrific vice president. The problem is that Joe Biden is a very good guy and probably has no appeal whatsoever to people under 35. People under 35 elected Barack Obama president of the United States. That is a key part of the Democratic coalition along particularly with Latinos and African-Americans and Asian-Americans.

So, I think it makes sense to have a candidate, and I think Hillary is one, I think Bernie is another, who really can turn on the under 35. I think that would be a problem for Joe. So, you know, he's served us incredibly well. I just think that it's probably too late for that.

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