Tapper Breaks New CNN/ORC Poll Showing Trump on Top: "Once Again, The Pundits Were All Wrong"


Jake Tapper revealed the results of a new CNN/ORC poll on the Wednesday broadcast of his show The Lead, which airs weekdays at 4pm ET on CNN.

"Once again, the pundits were all wrong," Tapper said about the new poll. "Donald Trump, no matter what controversy he causes, no apparent damage done to his candidacy."

The poll, presented by CNN's John King, shows Trump is number one with those who support the tea party with 19% and Ben Carson is right behind him with 18%.

Trump is also now leading the pack in Iowa with 22% of caucus goers naming him their choice for president. Ben Carson is now in second with 14% and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is in third with 9%. Walker was the leader pre-debate.

Support for Trump is highest with those who make less than $50,000 and did not attend college.

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