Gowdy on Hillary's Server: "Almost Got Away With It, But She Didn't"


REP. TREY GOWDY: Every explanation Secretary Clinton has provided about a week later was proven to be demonstrably false. this is just the latest one of those assertions that there was no classified info. i saw the clip this morning. she was very definitive – she neither sent or received classified information. Well, that is patently false. hat I’m primarily concerned with is whether or not I’m going to have access to records that i need to do the job that the House asked me to do...

If she were interested in cooperation she wouldn't have done any of the things she's done to date. This was not about cooperation, and Bill, frankly, it's not about convenience, it's about control. she wanted to control access to the public record, and she almost got away with it but she didn't.

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