Former Trump Advisor Roger Stone: "The Ruling Class Is Pissing Their Pants," "A Threat To Two-Party Duopoly"


On "With All Due Respect," Former Donald Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone discusses his abrupt departure from the campaign, whether the real estate mogul can win the Republican nomination and who would potentially fill a “Trump void.” He also provides a glimpse inside the mind of “The Donald.”

Stone was advising Trump's presidential campaign but left right after the Megyn Kelly-FOX News debate debacle. Stone did not bash Trump and had nothing but praise to give.

"I'm really not going to divulge personal conversations that I had," Stone said right out of the gate. "I have a confidentially agreement and I have no intention of violating it. So my private advice to Trump will remain private."

Stone did give his advice, however, saying the presidential hopeful needs to expand his small political operation into a national organization to ensure he is on the ballot in all 50 states.

"You can not run a presidential campaign on a skeletal basis," Stone said. "It's got to be a larger operation. Just the challenge of getting on the ballot in all 50 states so that if you are lucky and you strike fire with the early primaries you're in a position to capitalize on it. Otherwise, you end up like Gary Hart. You're hot but you have no place to go."

Stone told Bloomberg's Mark Halperin and John Heilemann the establishment is "pissing their pants" and that he believes the RNC has a war room specifically to take out Trump.

"But I wouldn't give up that leverage," Stone of a possible third-party run, "because I think there's a war room at the Republican National Committee of guys sitting around saying, 'what can we do today to try to derail Donald Trump?'"

"The ruling class is pissing their pants here," Stone said. "This guy is a challenge to the two-party duopoly that is running the government."

Stone predicted Trump will have to start running TV ads to counter "dirty Wall Street money" that will be used on behalf of Jeb Bush or another candidate to trash Trump.

Stone said Trump's wife, Melania, who speaks 7 languages, was the "deciding factor."

He is a reader. He is a studier. He thinks about things. But he doesn't have a bunch of cronies. Does he like Rudy Giuliani? Yes. Are they close? Yes. Would Rudy's opinion matter to him? Yeah, I think he value's the mayor's opinion. But Trump is very much his own man. He is unlike anybody else I have ever worked for. Unscripted. Uncoached. Unhandled. I mean, he makes the decisions. He'll consider anything you want to give him, anything you want to tell him. He's very accessible, but he's very much his own man.

Stone on Trump exaggerating things and press coverage:

The only guys who are trying to play the gotcha game are in the media. The voters don't care about that. The voters are interested in the larger picture.

Look, the country needs a cheerleader. The country needs a salesman. The country needs somebody who will lead. That's the problem with Jeb Bush -- something Trump himself has identified -- the guy's a stiff, the country needs a cheerleader...

He is an optimist by nature, something he and Reagan have in common. Beyond just seeing the big picture and the larger than life themselves. I think he's very optimistic. By anybody's measure this is going exceedingly well. He has yet to spend a dollar on paid media. There were those, and I was among them, who said, 'after you become a candidate it's possible that your free media coverage is going to pop off because they have to cover [the other candidates].'

And I was completely wrong about that because the conventional rules of politics, so far at least, do no apply to Donald Trump and it's an exciting thing.

Stone on Trump's threat to run as an independent if the RNC doesn't treat him right:

The New York Times reported that 3 of the other leading candidates considered boycotting this debate if Trump were there.

Having studied the ballot access rule in 15 states, maybe it's 19, the Republican establishment can keep you off the ballot with the stroke of a pen, or in this case, not including your name.

So, he said over and over again on the stump if he's given a fair shot, if he has a level playing field, if the establishment doesn't gang up on him. Of course he wants to run as a Republican! He's the frontrunner for the Republican nomination, as of this moment.

But I wouldn't give up that leverage because I think there's a war room at the Republican National Committee of guys sitting around saying, 'what can we do today to try to derail Donald Trump?'

The ruling class is pissing their pants here. This guy is a challenge to the two-party duopoly that is running the government.

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