"Special Report" Panel Doesn't Want To Discuss Donald Anymore; Laura Ingraham: "Trump Is A Symptom"


Charles Lane says he has to "turn in his pundit's license," because he can't explain Donald Trump.

"Some of it is real, there is disquiet and upset on the political scene," Lane says. "There is apparently a market for very angry rhetoric."

Laura Ingraham explains that there is a large segment of the population who is upset over decades of failed government policy on "globalization, trade and immigration," who Donald Trump is giving voice to these issues for the first time.

LAURA INGRAHAM: Trump is a symptom of what has happened.

You can go back to 2006, 2007. George W. Bush was a very popular president, 2004 reelected.

2006 we lost Congress, 2007 immigration reform. This was the beginning of the real resentment. It turned into anger after Obama was elected. Obama is reelected in 2012, the establishment then says we reelected Lamar Alexander and Thad Cochran, we're doing great.

But underneath it all, a lot of white middle class voters feel like they have been left behind.

They're not bad people, they're not anti-immigrant, they don't hate all trade, but they are people who feel like a lot of the policies that we jave followed jhave not worked.

And they would like other answers, and they would like to be respected.

And for now, I don't know how long it will last, for now, Donald Trump is the man who is channeling that.

On two issues: Globalism (Trade) and Immigration is the second.

That's where we are now. Everyone can say right now, "Trump is the problem, we gotta push him out of the race." The more Republicans do that, the more they are going to see... Trump holding steady...

But if we don't come to terms what is happening in the Republican Party, it is going to be very ugly 2016.

Bret Baier softly asks if Laura Ingraham thinks Fox News (him included) are "in the tank for Jeb Bush?"

LAURA INGRAHAM: No, I never said that, never thought that. But I think, again, when people are as angry as they are out there, they are looking for people to throw rocks at.

If they think people are disinviting people from certain forums, they're tougher on one group than the other, just regular people get it, even if they don't like Trump very much.

I think if the questions are personal, that's fine, they better be able to answer questions that are personal debates, but we'll see of those other candidates are ready to answer those questions next time.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: These loony conspiracy theories are really out of line.

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