Erick Erickson Reads Hateful Emails From Trump Supporters: "I Made The Right Decision"

| editor Eric Erickson reads angry emails from supporters of Donald Trump, after he disinvited Trump to the organization's event for candidates on Saturday. Trump had earlier lashed out against Megyn Kelly, a moderator of Thursday night's debate.

ERICK ERICKSON: I would like to read for you the emails that I am getting from Donald Trump supporters.

This is from Thomas in Sioux City: "You people, especially liberal Erick Erickson, are idiots. I am 56 in Iowa and I am a conservative. I am so sick of political correctness, I am mad as hell about what that [blank] in the White House has done to our country, I want someone else who is mad as well. I want Trump, if you are smart, you will back him, not the whore [debate moderator Megyn Kelly].

This from Mark: "Disinviting Trump just showed how sweked the political process is maybe you should ask the "c-word" not to ask gotcha questions. "

This from Bridgett: "Shame on you Erick, she very clearly was on her period. I am a woman, I want my America back, and I refuse to let Fox News dictate to me who the president will be. Mr. Trump is not politically correct, he is a great America. F**k you."

I gotta tell you guys, I made the right decision.

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