Erick Erickson Explains Disinvite: "I Don't Want My Daughter In The Room With Donald Trump"


Erick Erickson, host of the RedState gathering in Georgia where non-Trump GOP presidential candidates met yesterday, explains why he disinvited The Donald.

"I have emails [from Donald Trump supporters] referring to Megyn Kelly as a 'whore,' referring to me as 'gay,' referring to the president by the n-word, and saying that Donald Trump stood up to all of us," Erickson said somberly.

"We will not gain the White House if we are not going to be happy warriors."

We will not reduce the size and scope of our federal government if we are screaming at people, caling them whores and queers and what have you," he continued.

"And there's a larger part here, before I am a dad, a husband, a Republican, I am a Christian. I have said some really stupid things in my life and I have apologized for them. It is not 'political correctness.' It is common decency."

"If you can't even realize that maybe you should apologize for yourself -- Look I've been in this situation where you get your back up against the wall and think 'everybody is out to get me, I'm gonna hold my ground.' No listen to the little voice in your head, the friend sitting next to you saying: 'no, you actually screwed up, and it is going to end badly for you.'"

"It is disrespectful to Megyn Kelly, it is disrespectful to female journalists, it is disrespectful to ladies in general. I don't want my daughter in the room with Donald Trump tomorrow, so he is disinvited.

I wanted to give the man some latitude because I know he taps into some anger which even I share with the Republican party, and a lot of us here do. But if our standard bearer has to resort to that, we need a new standard bearer...

Donald Trump has said some crazy things and I have been willing to give him a pass because he is not a professional politican, but when that is your first thought."

[makes 'crazy' hand motion]

"I'm sorry. I'm also going to apologize to our speakers today, because this has become a distraction for them."

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