Trump: Refusing Pledge At Debate Gives Me "Leverage" On Republicans; Megyn Kelly "Really Unfair"


Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump appears on Friday's edition of Morning Joe to explain why he was the only candidate who would not pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee and to not run an independent campaign. Trump also panned Megyn Kelly's performance as a moderator, calling her unprofessional and "unfair."

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Why is it that you raised your hand and what does it say about the party that you’re running in right now?

DONALD TRUMP: Well I’m a natural negotiator and I like leverage, to be honest with you. And you know that’s really what the country needs. They need somebody that knows how to use leverage and cut down the 18 trillion in debt and lots of other things beyond that...

TRUMP: I had a great time, I’m running as a Republican. I’m a frontrunner obviously I’d much rather run as Republican and let that be clear. And I just want to see if somebody gets in that I like and if I’m treated with respect, I would not run as an Independent. But I want to leave the option open just in case that doesn’t happen.

On Megyn Kelly...

TRUMP: I just don’t think it’s very professional. I do say this, and I was listening to you folks and Joe before, if you’re going to do that to me I think it’s great, but you have to do it to everybody else or ease it up. But you can’t do it to Trump. I mean I walked out of the room and people were saying that was really unfair.

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