Krauthammer: Carly Fiorina Won The Debate, "Classic Reaganite Position"


Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer declares Carly Fiorina the winner of the Republican undercard debate:

KRAUTHAMMER: She won the debate. she won it going away. She was on the one hand very fluid and on the other very strong and combative. The fluid at this was when she was asked, for example, about the Middle East. She went through a list of American allies that have not gotten what they need from us in a way that showed a real command of the facts.

The combativeness I thought was interesting. In that byte she went after Trump. She also went after Obama on the Middle East. And she ended by going after Hillary and saying this is not the people versus Washington which was Santorum's line and of course the populist line. She says it's conservatism vs. liberalism and I'm a conservative and the problem with the country is not Washington, it's the big government, the federal government, which is a classic Reaganite position. I thought that was really interesting distinction. I would watch for the same distinction in the big debate tonight.

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