Trump Attorney Michael Cohen: "Uber Successful" Trump "Best Negotiator In The History Of This World"


Executive vice president of the Trump Organization, Michael Cohen explains The Donald to CNN's Chris Cuomo.

CHRIS CUOMO: Donald Trump has a lead and not a small lead, in too many polls to be discounted... What do you say as to why people keep dismissing him?

MICHAEL COHEN: Because they are in someone else's camp. I speak to a lot of these reporters on the other side as I do interviews...

CNN host Chris Cuomo is the brother of Democratic Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo. They are both sons of former N.Y. Gov. Mario Cuomo.

And they are part of the Bush camp, the Walker camp, the Cruz camp. They'll say whatever they can in order to demean him. It is not working, he is leading by double digits...

They can dismiss him all they want, they did that from the beginning...

CUOMO: When it comes to how to deal with your image... it's going to be hard to beat your guy, Donald Trump. No question.

MICHAEL COHEN: Impossible, maybe.

CUOMO: So, we have him up in the polls. There's another aspect. It's not that people come after him and it is unfair. I argue the other way. Legitimate criticisms from the other candidates do not stick. What makes him teflon? He can say something, it doesn't line up, not that big of a deal.

He criticizes something, I'll have Carl Icahn deal with China. If Jeb Bush said that, we'd be on him for days. That's your answer? Donald Trump, it doesn't stick with him, why?

COHEN: Don't forget. He's not a politician. He's an uber successful billionaire businessman. He's a problem solver. That's why he's leading the polls. He's an amazing negotiator, probably the best in this world. He will deal with trade and deal with issues. We don't know what all the facts are.

Clearly, nobody in this country believes the information we are receiving is accurate anyway.

What do they do? They look to a guy who is proven to be successful, a doer and gets things done. That's what's Ttrump is leading.

CUOMO: Would he really put Carl Icahn in charge of China?

COHEN: Isn't that an amazing thought. I'm sure you know Carl and his personality.

He would put an individual who is capable of going to another country and getting a fair trade deal, not a free trade, a fair trade.

Something that America can benefit from. Something American citizens can benefit from. He wouldn't allow Mexico to be taking that advantage of opening another facotry and taking more jobs away from Americans.

CUOMO: Is he oversimplifying how the dynamics work? You have so diplomatic much pressure and implication that is are military and otherwise going on. It's not as easy as putting a good negotiator at the table.

COHEN: We don't jhave good negotiators, so we don't know that.

CUOMO: How do you know?

COHEN: We are in really bad shape as a country. We are not respected around the world. We are not respected in our own country. You need to bring in the Donald Trump-type negotiator to make these in order to make these types of deals.

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