Mark Levin to George Will: If You're 45 Or Younger You've Never Had The Chance To Vote For An Actual Conservative


Mark Levin talks about the Republican nominees and Thursday's Republican debate in his inaugural appearance on FOX News' Special Report:

MARK LEVIN: I don't think anger describes the base. I think disappointment and frustration describes the base and rightly so. We have a Republican Congress that keeps surrendering its constitutional powers, including the power of the purse when they keep announcing we're not going to shut down the government. They may not want to but they shouldn't surrender these constitutional powers against the most lawless president in my lifetime.

And that said, I don't see this as mutually exclusive that the conservative base can't support a candidate who's electable. I heard that before with Reagan against Ford and Reagan against Bush. And we had two massive landslides. I don't know how many more times we have to nominate the person who's most electable and gets slaughtered in these elections. I think the conservative message is a broad-based, strong message and we need to try it now and then.

If you're 45 years old or younger, you've never had an opportunity to vote for an actual conservative for president. You've voted for Republicans, you've voted for establishment Republicans. But just in general, the nomenclature conservative, you have not had that opportunity. And my view is, I think a lot of people in the Republican party are going to be looking at this debate, trying to find the conservative that they want to support.

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