Krauthammer: "New York City Restaurants Have More Intensive Inspections Than Iran Is Going To Have"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think what's most remarkable is the change of public opinion. Quinnipiac had a poll, the latest one came out yesterday showed a two to one against the deal. 58% to 27'%. And that's -- what's happening is the more people learn about the deal, and this is also reflected in Congress, the more astonished they are. And it's essentially a couple of elements. One is the sunset provision. People are beginning to understand 10, at the latest 15 years, Iran is going to be welcomed into the nuclear club with everything but an induction ceremony. And, second, the inspection regime is simply swiss cheese. It is not serious.

Jackie Mason said that the New York City restaurants have more intensive inspections than Iran is going to have. They get anytime, anywhere inspection to prevent a bad tuna sandwich. The Iranians are going to get almost a month to look for their nukes. So I you think as the knowledge is sinking in, you get a lot of public opinion, the question is are there enough Democrats who in the end will go against the president on this, which is his signature achievement, so-called of his presidency. That's still in the air. I would say the odds are probably two to one that Obama is able to sustain the veto, but he is slipping.

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