Earnest Won't Back Biden: Obama Believes "A Spirited Contest Would Be In Best Interests Of Our Party"


Following lots of Joe Biden 2016 chatter ahead of this week's Sunday political shows, rumors swirled that the Clinton campaign is "trying to smoke him out," so is the Obama White House about to get caught off guard?

White House press secretary Josh Earnest appeared on America's Newsroom on Fox News Channel on Monday morning to talk about the president's new climate change agenda, but after that is over, host Bill Hemmer takes the opportunity to ask him the Biden Question, which Earnest is not allowed to answer.

"Joe Biden is going to have the opportunity to make up his own mind... The president ultimately wants Democratic voters to decide who they believe the nominee should be," Earnest said. But what would Obama would like to see? Again, answer denied.

"The president certainly believes that a spirited contest would be in the best interests of our party, and in the best interest of our country."

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