Trump on Clinton: "I Don't Think She's Going To Be Allowed To Run," What She Did Was "Way Worse Than Petraeus"


Donald Trump tels ABC News host Jon Karl that Hillary Clinton's private email server scandal is worse that what David Petraues was indicted for last year, "and his life is in ruins." Trump says "what she did is far worse."

JONATHAN KARL, ABC NEWS: Let's straight to the GOP front-runner, Donald Trump, who joins us by the phone.

Sir, thank you for joining us.

DONALD TRUMP: Thank you, Jon.

KARL: So I want to get to the debate in a moment. But we have this news this morning that Joe Biden is looking into running.

What's your assessment?

Would he be harder to beat than Hillary Clinton?

TRUMP: Well, I think it's a real possibility because what she did was absolutely, in my opinion, illegal and I don't think she's going to be allowed to run if they have a prosecutor who's going to be honorable because if you look at Gen. Petraeus, what he did is nothing compared to what she's done. And his life is in ruins.

I mean, what they've done to him is incredible and very, very tough. And what she did is far worse.

So I think she's got a big problem with the emails and obviously her numbers are going down drastically so somebody like Biden could probably go in and do very well and maybe win.

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