"Supressed Documentary" From 1991 Targets GOP Frontrunner: Watch "Trump: What's The Deal?" Free


"Some years ago, we made a documentary about Donald Trump. It wasn't flattering. Trump screamed and shouted and threatened lawsuits and it was never broadcast," says the trailer for the new documentary: Trump: What's the Deal? "But now we think it is time for you to see it, because the old Trump and the new Trump and the same Trump."

The full documentary about Trump's "downfall" in the period from 1988-1991, featuring tons of contemporary celebrities, can be viewed here. It's more than an hour long and so far, nothing major.

According to their website:

The film was commissioned in 1988 by Leonard Stern as the first of a series on celebrity businessmen and finished in 1991. Back then, the only way for a film to be seen was on television or in the theater. Donald threatened to sue any broadcaster or distributor that took on the film. In effect, it was suppressed.

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