Democratic Congressman Brad Sherman: IAEA Not Designed to Prevent Iran From Acquiring Nukes


Rep. Brad Sherman (D-California) was among a group of about thirty Democratic members of Congress who met with President Obama at the White House on Wednesday afternoon to discuss the details of the Iran nuclear deal. Among the concerns he raised, is the fear that the international nuclear watchdog organization (IAEA) itself is not up to the task of "dealing with a country like Iran," who could use money gained from sanctions relief to simply "puchase a bomb from North Korea."

REP. BRAD SHERMAN (D-CA): I talked to [President Obama] about a host of things.

One concern I have is whether Iran will simply be able to purchase a bomb from North Korea. This deal will give them $56 billion. I don't know what the North Korean price is. But I'll be back at the White House in the next few days. The President has invited me back.

First thing on my list is what control mechanisms do we have to make sure that North Korea is not able to sell its nuclear weapons, whether it be to a terrorist organization, which most of whom don't have near enough money, or to the state of Iran.

The agreement between the IAEA and Iran, which we're rely relying on, no one in the U.S. government has a copy of. It's not clear whether we've been able to read it. That is the tradition with the IAEA. But the traditions of the IAEA, the nuclear watchdog, those traditions are about how to prevent the Netherlands from having a nuclear weapon, how to make sure Costa Rica doesn't do it. The traditions of the IAEA don't fit dealing with a country like Iran.

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