MSNBC's Ed Show & Bernie Sanders Slam Clinton "Non-Answers" On Trade Deals, Keystone XL


MSNBC's The Ed Show devotes time in its final weeks to discuss the Trans-Pacific Parnetship trade deal and the Keystone XL Pipeline. "Every single American should care... No, they are not old tired issues, they are staring this country right in the face."

Bernie Sanders joins to discuss Hillary Clinton's non-answer.

ED SCHULTZ: Senator do you think her non-commmital on these two issues is going to hurt her campaign, because you have been so crystal-clear on it.

BERNIE SANDERS: I think, Ed, people are willing to say I disagree with somebody, but I think there is a feeling that peple should at least have an opinion on the most important trade agreement ever entered into by the United States of America.

I happen to think TPP is the continuation of disasterous trade policies which have cost us millions of jobs, I'm against it. Secretary [Clinton] should have a position.

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