Lead Iran Deal Negotiator Responds To Ted Cruz: "We All Understand We're In A Presidential Silly Season"


"If this deal goes through, the Obama administration becomes the leading global financier of islamic global terrorism, sending billions to jihadists who will use that money to murder Americans," Ted Cruz accused yesterday.

Ambassador Wendy Sherman, undersecretary of state for diplomatic affairs, who served as lead American negotiator with Iran responds:

AMB. WENDY SHERMAN: We all understand that we are in a presidential silly season in some ways.

We've got a lot of candidates who I'm sure sincerely beleive what they do about this deal, but they are really looking, I think, fo rhte soundbite...

We are trying to not allow Iran to get a nuclear weapon. Really serious business. It is true that Iran is doing a lot of nefarious things in the region, and we want to stop those as well, but you can't load everything onto one deal.

So what we decided, what the president decided, was we needed to get the nuclear weapons off the table, so we can focus on the terrorism, the human rights abuses and the future fo the region.

About the "secret deal" many Republicans worry about:

SHERMAN: There are no secret here. We are well aware that the IAEA, which will verify the deal, will create arrangements with countries, as they do with us, under the "additional protocol."

What we are trying to do here is make sure everybody in Congress knows. I had a closed-doors meeting with all of Congressional leadership yesterday and I told them what was in the arrangement between the IAEA and Iran. No secrets here. Confidential agreements, but no secrets.

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