Fineman on Trump: His Politics Not Dog Whistle, It's Fog Horn; "Fear Of The 'Them' With A Capital 'T'"


Howard Fineman of Huffington Post reacts to Donald Trump praising Sarah Palin as a "special person" who he would love to have in some official capacity in a possible Trump administration.

HOWARD FINEMAN: I think in terms of the -- his politics is not dog whistle, it's fog horn. Yes, there's more to it than the Archie Bunker crowd, Chris, I agree with you. In his appeal, you can't tell how far it's going to go and in what direction it might go. But, yes, one of the core pieces of it is: we don't like the changes happening in America, we don't like them. We're going to say most of those them are outside of the United States. They're Chinese, they're Iranians, they're Mexicans. But it's the "them" with the capital 'T,' that Donald Trump's core appeal is all about, it's fear of the them with a capital T.

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