Earnest: Unsure If Obama Has Seen "Selectively" Edited Planned Parenthood Videos From "Extremists On The Right"


White House spokesman Josh Earnest described a series of undercover videos about Planned Parenthood released by the "Center for Medical Progress" group as "fradulent" because they were highly edited.

"There’s ample reason to think that this is merely the tried and true tactic we've seen from some extremists on the right... to grossly distort the position of people who are speaking on the video," Earnest said, but when a reporter asked if anyone at the White House had seen the video to make sure that it was fake, he was unsure.

Earnest assures us that Planned Parenthood, "has indicated that's what has occurred here."

QUESTION: Earlier, on Planned Parenthood, you didn't take a direct position on whether the president would veto a bill to defund Planned Parenthood. Has the president seen the latest video that came out today on Planned Parenthood?


QUESTION: Do you know if he has seen the other videos and does the White House have any reaction?

EARNEST: I know he has been following the story in the news. Again, as you have heard me say before, there are -- there's reason to think that this is merely the tried and true tactic that we have seen from extremists on the right: To edit this video and selectively release it so that it grossly distorts the position of the person who is actually speaking on the video.

Planned Parenthood has indicated that's what has occurred here. And any resue of the policy that Planned Parenthood says they implement indicates that the views expressed on the videos or at least the way they are pictured on the videos is entirely inaccurate. For the policies and the way Planned Parenthood implements them, contact Planned Parenthood. But the president will not support another effort by Republicans to try to defund an organization that offers important and needed health care services for millions of women across the country.

QUESTION: Sure, just for clarification purposes: You haven't talked to the president about the videos?

EARNEST: I don't know if he has seen the videos, but i can assure you he is following this news story.

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