Chris Matthews: Trump Has "F-You" Money


CHRIS MATTHEWS: Suppose you attack from a defensive position. My favorite military tactic. Go out and talk about a new line of proposals. Surprise everybody with substance... Something that blows people away. Something on education, student loans. And wait for these guys to attack him. Go ahead. And when they attack, he takes their head off. That's what I would do if I were Trump.

I would wait for them to attack and if they don't, 'I noticed you said something about me the other day. You said this. You said I was a jackass. That was interesting.' And you just take the guy's head off. You play from a defensive position because the American people always root for the person defending. They do...

I think his attitude is a result of his attitude. 'I have F-you money. I'm willing to say what I want and I'm not afraid of anybody. They just want to hear a politician show with that kind of guts.

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