Ted Cruz Toys With Kerry, Carter, Moniz: "Sir, Do You Apologize Or Not?"


Ted Cruz eats up all his time playing word games with Secretary Kerry and making Secretary Moniz trip over his own words, and then gets cut off by John McCain before he can ask Kerry to clarify what he meant by this unbelievable remark: John Kerry Explains Why Iran Deal Is Not Legally A Treaty: "You Can't Pass A Treaty Anymore"

TED CRUZ: General Sulemani, the commander of Iran's Quds Forces has more American blood on his hands than any living terrorist. Under this agreement, the sanctions on Gen. Sulemani are lifted. Sec. Kerry said to the families of those who lost their lives, who were killed by Gen. Sulemani, should apologize. Sec. Carter, I understand that the joint personnel agency has a classified list of about 500 Americans who were killed by Iranian IEDs. I would ask Sec. Carter, so that we can do what Sec. Kerry suggested. That the Defense Dept. release that list for every member of this committee, declassify that list and make it available to the families of those killed by Gen. Sulemani.

ASHTON CARTER: Let me look into that.

JOHN KERRY: I never said the word apology, I never mentioed apologizing. I said we should thank them for their extraordinary service. I never said apologize. Please don't distort my words.

CRUZ: Sec. Kerry, it is duly noted that you do not apologize to the families of the service members who were murdered by the Iranian military.

KERRY: That is not what I said.

CRUZ: Do you apologize or not? I don't want to put words in your mouth.

KERRY: I thank them for their extraordinary service and I would remind them that the U.S.A. will never take the sanction of Qassam al-Sulemani.

CRUZ: Sir, I just want clarity. Do you apologize or not, because you wanted to clarify that point.

KERRY: I said we thank them for their extraordinary service and I would take the sanctions of Qassam al-Sulemani.

Before Kerry breaks, Cruz changes subject, teasing Energy Secretary (and nuclear physicist) Erenst Moniz about electro magentic pulse weapons. Cruz next moves on to Carter breifly before returning to Kerry.

TED CRUZ: You told Sen. Lee that this was not a treaty because we don't have diplomatic relations with Iran. I would note that is directly contradictory to testimony you gave yesterday in the House. When you were asked, "Why is this not considered a treaty?" And you responded---

JOHN KERRY: You're not reading my whole answer!

JOHN MCCAIN: I apologize.

The senator's time has expired. And I promised the witnesses that I would get them out.

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