Defense Secretary Ashton Carter: "No Reason To Forsee" Iran Changing Behavior After Deal


SEN. JOHN MCCAIN: Do you, Secretary Carter, beleive that Iran will change its behavior if this agreement is finalized? And have you seen any indication of that?

ASHTON CARTER, DEFENSE SECRETARY: I have not, Mr. Chairman, just speaking from my own. I don't forsee that or have any reason to forsee that. That is why it is important that the agreement be verifiable. That is why it isimportant that Iran not have a nuclear weapon, and why it is important that we keep doing everything that we need to do; defend our friends and allies, remain strong in the Gulf, freedom of navigation, ballistic missile defense, we need to keep doing those things. The agreement doesn't limit us in any way.

Obviously, if Iran changes its ways that would be a welcome thing, but I see no reason to forsee that, personally.

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