CNN's Sally Kohn: We Should Be "Skeptical" Of Ivana Trump's Personal Denial Of Donald Trump "Rape-Rape"


On CNN Tuesday afternoon network contributor Sally Kohn questioned Ivana Trump for denying a Daily Beast report that she once claimed her former husband and present presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Kohn questioned Ivana Trump's credibility, saying she is under court order not to discuss the event in question. Kohn also made clear that this was "rape-rape."

SALLY KOHN: I'm uncomfortable that in all this we seem to be letting slide the suggestion that the entire story wasn't true. And, look, it's based on credible reporting. It's based on facts that were known at the time in court documents. It's well sourced. It was backed up at the time by Ivana Trump. So let's not suggest that just because the story is changed, retracted, different lights are being put on it now, that there wasn't some criminal of fact to it. No one seems to be suggesting -- no one has actually reacted the fact of what happened. They're changing the characterization of it. Let's be clear about that.

WOLF BLITZER: Well, Ivana Trump's statement today Sally, is pretty firm, right?

KOHN: Right, but she previously made a statement saying that it was rape but she didn't mean in the the criminal sense, she just meant in the emotional sense. And before that in her own court statement she had said it was rape-rape. No other variations on the theme there, right?

So I do think, again, it's reporting. It's credible reporting, it's important reporting, it's well documented reporting. And just because the campaign, including by the way Ivana Trump, who is under court order. She can't speak without Trump's permission on this, the fact she's now said something -- again, I think we should all be looking at it with a skeptical eye.

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