RCP's Rebecca Berg: John Kasich "Combining Positive Aspects Of Other Candidates"


RealClearPolitics national political reporter Rebecca Berg explains how Ohio Gov. John Kasich is a force that cant be ignored in 2016 on Fox News Channel with Jon Scott.

"He has that straight talking personality that Republicans right now are finding really appeaing,"she explains. "Kasich is trying to latch onto that in New Hampshire."

Is there room for Kasich in the crowded Republican field?

REBECCA BERG, REALCLEARPOLITICS: We're seeing Kasich now in fourth place, as high as fourth is in in one poll in New Hampshire.

So, we're seeing that maybe these concerns about Kasich not having room in the Republican field are being put to rest. What he is doing will is combining a lot of the very positive aspects of other Republican candidates.

So, he takes the establishment appeal of Jeb Bush. He is a former governor like Scott Walker, or a current governor, rather, like Scott Walker, who has gotten a lot done in a swing state, Ohio, which is a very important swing state for Republicans.

[Kasich was] former chairman of the House Budget Committee [in the 1990s], where he balanced the federal budget, so he brings a lot to the table and on top of that, personality-wise, he has the straight, talking personality that Republicans right now are finding really appealing, and that's part of why we see Donald Trump doing so well, why Chris Christie was doing so well in the past, and Kasich is trying to latch on to that in New Hampshire. Finally he does really really well in the town hall setting which is a cornerstone of any campaign in the Granite State...

He has that establishment appeal for a lot of more moderate Republicans but he is also someone who is personally very religious, talks about religion on the campaign trail, and so might have some appeal there for evangelicals, and he talks a lot about balancing the federal budget, and he might be able to appeal to Tea Party voters.

The biggest trouble is how to differentiate himself with so many candidates. He might have a shot of doing that.

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