Howard Dean: Outrage Won't Help Huckabee: "If You Want The Real Thing You Vote For Trump"


ALEX WAGNER, MSNBC: Governor Dean, is this the biggest impact of Trump's rise? Pushing people like Huckabee this far to get attention?

HOWARD DEAN: I started out thinking this was a disaster for the Republican party and there's still a good chance that it will be. Although I don't think really he's going to get as far as Iowa let alone get through Iowa.

In some ways this allows other Republicans to position themselves more moderately. Those people who are chiding Trump are going to look to the electorate slightly more moderate. Do I think this is going to help Huckabee? No. If you want the real thing you will vote for Trump. But this actually may give the Republicans opportunity to look more moderate, the few of them who dare.

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