Kasich on Trade Deals: "Trade Is Good For Us," But "We Have Been Saps," U.S. Workers Getting "Shafted"


"There are now some car comanies talking about moving things to Mexico, and they are citing NAFTA, I am going to look into that," Ohio Gov. John Kasich told Chuck Todd. "Open trade is good for us."

"You were a NAFTA guy!" interjected Chuck Todd. "Tough thing to be in Ohio, no?"

"I think that we have, in some ways, been saps," Kasich explains. "We can't have people coming in here and dumping stuff and destroying our jobs in this country. That's where I grew up! I grew up with steel workers."

"So what I would say to you is, we have free trade, but we're not going to be saps. We're not going to look the other way when there is a problem... I am for open trade, free trade, but I am for clamping down when the American worker is getting shafted because somebody cheated ona trade agreement."

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