CNN's Don Lemon: Gun Control Obama's "Biggest Defeat," He "Will Go To His Grave" Wondering Why


On Thursday night the president recorded an interview with the BBC where he lamented that his efforts to pass gun control legislation int he U.S. had been "stymied."

"This interview is set to air tonight, before it even aired there is another shooting."

Following the deadly shooting at a Louisiana movie theater last night, CNN panelists began speculating about whether this tragedy could be used for that purpose.

DON LEMON, CNN: It is horrific, and this will be, I think, his biggest defeat. This is a president when you have these types of things happen, and frankly, any time something happens to young people to children, you see this president throw out the playbook and try to do something, whether it is right, whether it is wrong.

When the children were gassed in Syria, he wanted to do something.

Trayvon got killed, he wanted to do something.

But when those children got slaughtered, and they were shot to death in their own school, he really thought they were going to be able to do something, pass any kind of bill, break this log jam. And honor those dead children.

When he was unable to do that, it was a heartbreaking moment for him, and I dont think he has ever really recovered from it.

Every time you see these massacres, he feels a personal sense of failure not having been able to get more done.

And I have to say, often it is the case that even the best laws in the world would not stop some of these things, but one would have expected by now we could have come up with some common sense answer, and I know this president really suffers every single time this happens.

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