Chuck Todd: "There's Something Just Not Quite Right" About Hillary Clinton's Campaign


Chuck Todd on Hillary Clinton's campaign and her comments that she's not asking people to vote for her simply because she's a woman.

ANDREA MITCHELL: [Being a woman] is one of her most obvious attributes.

CHUCK TODD, MEET THE PRESS: No, it is. And I think it's a way in, particularly with progressives who sit there and say, gee, she's not that progressive or there's too much Bill Clinton in her and remember Bill Clinton always triangulating. And they wish she were more liberal and at the same time many progressives said, 'Wait a minute, is it about time to have a woman in the White House and does that trump ...?'

That to me is what it sounded like. It's like, 'Are you thinking about going with Bernie Sanders? Is he exciting you more than I'm exciting you? I get that. But think about this, I do bring something else here to the table and that will matter in ways that you don't quite -- we don't even quite know yet.'

So, I get what she's trying to do because that's the other thing here. These polls came right at a time when you're looking at her small donor base seems mediocre. Bernie Sanders is the one drawing a crowd, she's not the one drawing crowds. All the sudden you have an anecdote there, you have an anecdote there. It's fitting a pattern where Hillary Clinton doesn't wear well over time when she's been a candidate or at the focal point.

That's why these numbers you said there maybe they're outliers but, wait a minute, we have a data point here that hasn't been great, a data point here that hasn't been great and now suddenly this adds to it. Is there something else? Look. Everybody has watched this campaign and we all come to the same conclusion: there's something just not quite right. You know, is it enthusiasm? I don't know. Is it her? I don't know. There's just something that doesn't seem to be big, bold, and boom.

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