Bill O'Reilly on Kate Steinle & Planned Parenthood: "Human Life And The Left"


BILL O'REILLY: Many of my ancestors were Democrats, coming here from Ireland with little education. They worked as laborers and eventually in public sector jobs.

My paternal grandfather was a New York City police officer; my maternal grandfather a train conductor.

So my people often voted for Democrats.

In fact in the election of 1960, my mother voted for Kennedy my father voted for Nixon.

Back then liberal Americans did not reject traditional values generally speaking.

The liberal philosophy was an economic one: getting fair treatment for workers.

Today that's changed drastically...

Now Planned Parenthood says it is donating the organs of aborted babies to help medical research.

But the cavalier attitude that is shown by the Planned Parenthood executives is appalling. Using the word crunchy? Talking about acquiring a luxury car in a joking way?

These unborn babies have human DNA and you're making jokes about their destruction?

Off the chart.

It is long past time for the left in America to admit the abortion business is grizzly and immoral to many Americans.

Planned Parenthood should be defunded period.

Now let's examine another life/death situation.

The murder of Kate Steinle, allegedly by a criminal illegal alien who had been deported five times.

We have proposed a law that would make it more difficult for alien-felons to roam the streets of America.

We've reported extensively on Kate's Law, and it was introduced by the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday.

But believe me, there will be liberal Democratic lawmakers and perhaps some Republicans who oppose mandatory prison sentences for aggravated felons who are deported and come back.

It's shocking, but people like Senator Dick Durbin are likely to oppose the law.

Talking Points believes human life is no longer a priority for many on the left.

They often live in a world of theory and avoid the key issues.

The calculated harvesting of infant body parts is an atrocity.

And so is allowing criminal alien felons to walk free in America.

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