Kerry on Iran: Netanyahu "Not Looking At This Situation The Way In Which Will Provide Greatest Way To Protect Israel"


ANDREA MITCHELL, NBC NEWS: Senior Israeli leaders at the highest level say that one of the flaws is that their intelligence and our intelligence just aren't good enough. We didn't know about the nuclear reactor in Syria until it was already built. We didn't know a about Iranian activity underground until it had already taken place.

SECRETARY OF STATE JOHN KERRY: And that's an argument for doing this deal. Because we will have inspectors all over the place. Because we and the Chinese will be involved in one of the reactors. Because we will have IAEA be able to go where it hasn't been able to go before.

If you don't have a deal, Andrea, if you don't have inspectors, you don't have people on the ground, you won't know what they are doing and believe me, if we walk away from this deal, they'll say, 'Look, they have given us a reason to have a bomb' because they will fear the military attack. This is the best opportunity to a avoid the conflict and know what their program is doing.

And if at the end all those inspectors and all the rest of our knowledge of their program shows us that they are trying to step outside it, we have every option available to us then that we have today. We lose nothing. And if you turn around and don't have this agreement, you're doing nothing to roll it back and nothing to stop it.

I would remind you, and them, that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the interim agreement one of the biggest mistakes in the world. He then called Lausanne a huge mistake. But then he wanted the interim agreement to be continued rather than go down this other road.

So, you know, he's been mistaken previously and we believe that, in fact, he's not looking at this situation for the way in which it will provide us the greatest way to protect Israel. We believe what we've done actually protects Israel more than getting rid of this deal.

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