Kasich Announces: "The Sun Is Going To Rise To The Zenith In America Again"


GOV. JOHN KASICH (R-OH): It is the challenges that make you better. I have lived through them and I have become stronger for them and America has become stronger for them. And here's how we've done it. By staying together. Not by dividing each other but by staying together with our eyes on the horizon. With our eyes on the horizon about the future!

We have a little town in Ohio called Wilmington. They followed that formula. Let me tell you about these folks. They played by the rules. Worked every day. Highly productive, team work, and one day an employer said, 'we're leaving, we're out of here.' And thousands of people, thousands of hard-working, God-fearing people like your neighbors went from getting a paycheck on a Friday afternoon to visiting a food pantry so they could feed their kids.

I was down there in 2010 after this earthquake, economic earthquake hit Wilmington. We had a campaign bus. My wife was with me. We walked through that food pantry. We looked at people and, preachers and civil servants and leaders and caregivers. They were at the food pantry but they hadn't lost any hope because they had their eyes on the horizon. We got back on that bus -- I will never forget it as long as I live -- we got back on that bus, and I said, folks, do you understand, some of them had been with me for a long time, so they got it but some of the others were rookies. I said do you understand what we are doing here? This isn't a political campaign. And by the way neither will this be.

This is not a political campaign. Did you see those people? Did you see the tears in their eyes? Did you see them hugging their children? Did you seem them not hopeless? We're going to join in and we're going to help them because it is our mission as human beings, as children of god, to work with them, to lift them and guess what? Guess what?

In Wilmington today the sun is coming up. I told them that the sun would come up again. It hasn't reached its zenith but the sun is rising and the sun is going to rise to the zenith in America again. I promise you, it will happen.

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