Trump: "Illegal Immigrants Are Treated Better Than Many Vets" And McCain Has Done Nothing About It


MATT LAUER: Back in 2000 -- it seems to me, Donald, and I have known you for a long time. I think you would admit that.


LAUER: I think you were trying to get a rise out of a room of strangers at an event in Ames, Iowa. And what I would say to you is back in 2000 I went to Vietnam with Senator McCain and he took me to the prison where he was held. And he took me into the very cell where he was held with other Americans for almost six years and subjected to beatings and torture.

And I will tell you it had a profound effect on me. And whether I have a political disagreement with him or a personal dispute, I could never, ever question his heroism during that war.

TRUMP: And I didn't either. And I said it four times. Sharyl Attkisson did a major expose yesterday, totally respected, she said Trump is being mistreated. 'Four times he said McCain is a war hero.' I have no problem with that. I do have a problem with what he's doing on the border. He's terrible. And I do have a problem with the fact that illegal immigration is a disaster. And he's doing a horrible job for the vets.

Matt, I see the vets. They come to me. These are powerful, wonderful people and they are crying. They don't know what to do. They're lost because of what we're doing. Frankly, illegal immigrants are treated better than many of the vets. It is a disgrace what's happening in this country and John McCain has done nothing about it but talk.

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