Martin O'Malley Apologizes For Saying "All Lives Matter"


L. JOY WILLIAMS, THIS WEEK IN BLACKNESS: I want to ask something specifically. Towards the end of your explanation, you said the phrase "all lives matter," said the phrase "white lives matter." I want to ask you, do you understand the difference, in responding to that conservation, in that context with "all lives matter" or "white lives matter," when we are specifically talking about black death. That is not inclusive.

MARTIN O'MALLEY: I certainly do, and in fact I believe that I first said was that black lives matter, before those other two phrases. And when I say those other two phrases, I meant no disrespect to the point, which I understand, and that black lives matter is making.

Many years ago, when I ran for mayor of Baltimore, a majority African-American city, when we allowed ourselves to become the most violent. Part of what I called us to as a people, was to the justice of realizing that yes, black lives matter, and when we allow ourselves to assume that every years, 300 young black men will die violent deaths, we have to do a check up from the neck up, and realize that if 300 young poor white men were dying, we would have a different reaction to this, as a state, a metro area, and a city.

That was a mistake on my part, and I meant no disrespect in any way, or to communicate that I do not understand the tremendous passion, commitment, and depth of feeling we should attach to this issue.

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