Obama: A Nuclear Program Is "Not Something You Hide In A Closet"


Via CBS News:

The president detailed the terms of the inspections that would make it difficult for Iran to develop a covert program. Iran's declared nuclear facilities will be under inspection 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With inspections across the entire production chain, Iran would not be able to easily divert materials to covert facilities, he said. The IAEA will be able to request inspections of suspicious sites, and inspectors will be able to override Iranian objections.

"We don't need Russia or China in order for us to get that override," Mr. Obama said.

"If they continue to object, we're in a position to snap back sanctions and declare that Iran's cheating."

While Iran would have a few weeks to comply, Mr. Obama said, "The nature of nuclear programs and facilities is such this is not something you hide in a closet."

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