Rick Perry Slams Iran Deal: Obama "A Very Naive Man" Who Can't "Connect The Dots"


Republican presidential candidate and former Texas Governor Rick Perry comments on the Iran nuclear agreement on the Hugh Hewitt Show.

RICK PERRY: It is. And what I saw out of this president today, and this is of great consternation to me, it’s of great concern, I saw a very, very naïve man who does not know how the world works, who cannot put the dots together, and stood in front of the American people and said I really don’t care if Congress likes this or not, I’m going to do it. It’s a continuation of actually what we saw, Hugh, going all the way back to Obamacare, and forcing something through.

Now I will say with Obamacare, he did go through Congress. This does not stand a chance of having a majority support in the United States Congress, not at all. Now he may be able to leverage it politically and get enough Democrats to not override his veto.

But the two things that I, I mean, trusting a country that has this long, long record of untrustworthiness, and naively standing up in front of the American people and saying this is the only thing I care about is this very narrow issue of whether or not they’re going to get a nuclear capability, and I think probably the reason he’s tried to paint it down to that very narrow issue is because he knows he could never get an agreement when it came to stopping Iran from being a major exporter of terrorism in the region. He could never get an agreement to allow for true examinations of their nuclear capabilities. Again, it was this thing was troubling on so many fronts.

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