Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes: "We Never Sought For Any Time Any Where" Inspections


CNN reporter asks one of the president's deputy national security advisers about one of the major misconceptions that it seemed like was part of the Iran deal just yesterday: "any time, any where" inspections on suspected nuclear sites are not part of the deal. Rhodes explains...

BEN RHODES, DEPUTY NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER: If we have a suspicion about a site, we have the ability to go to the IAEA, the organization that conducts inspections, and say we need to inspect that site. If they have objections, we can over rule them with our European partners, and say no, that inspection has to go forward. And if they don't permit it then, the sanctions snap back into place...

Not only does it have the full monitoring of the nuclear supply chain, but if we want to see something suspicious, we can get access to that site, even if it is on a military facility.

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