ABC News Interviews Scott Walker On Immigration, ISIS, Gay Marriage


Scott Walker says he is "a name from the future."

DAVID MUIR, ABC NEWS: What do American voters not know about you that will seal the deal?

SCOTT WALKER: If Republicans are going to take on a name from the past in Hillary Clinton, they need a name from the Future

DAVID MUIR: Is Jeb Bush a name from the past? Or a name from the future?

SCOTT WALKER: Jeb is a good guy, he is a friend of mine, he was a good governor, but I don't think a name from the past is a name from the past...

Here, Muir asks about Trump, Walker deflects admirably to the actual subject of immigration reform.

SCOTT WALKER: My position on immigration is simple. Secure the border, enforce the laws.

DAVID MUIR: You were at one point for a path to citizenship, no longer?

SCOTT WALKER: No, and I've laid it out. I said I'm clearly stating that. I'm not beating around the Bush.

DAVID MUIR: What made you change your mind?

SCOTT WALKER: A combination of things. I look at how the president messed up the immigration system we have today.

DAVIR MUIR: And what do you do with those 11 million undocumented immigrants? Do we send them home?

SCOTT WALKER: Part of the problem that we have is everyone wants to jump forward to one part of the equation without doing the things we need to do in the right order.

Here, Scott Walker is quizzed on foreign policy credentials and putting his foot in his mouth.

DAVID MUIR: You made some headlines this year when you were asked how you would deal with ISIS. You said if you could handle 100,000 union protesters, you could handle ISIS. Would you answer differently?

SCOTT WALKER: Yeah, although I think the point, the people who were there took it the way I intended. Because I said moments after that of course I'm not equating those protesters with ISIS...

My point is nobody, even Secretary of State Clinton, nobody in this race has the experience that a president would need directly. My point is as a governor to take on things that were, in my case not just political pressure but personal attacks, death threats, I believe the next president is going to have to have the capacity to deal with that kind of pressure.

At the end, Muir asks how the family (who supports the gay marriage of their aunt this month following its legalization nationwide) reacted to Walker's statement that the Supreme Court decision was "a grave mistake."

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