Marc Thiessen: Scott Walker Is "Truly Impressive... Unapologetic Full-Spectrum Conservative"


Scott Walker is the 15th Republican candidate for president. Former Washington Post reporter Marc Thiessen is writing a book on him.

MARK THIESSEN: I went into that book an admirer and came out a true believer...

He is a truly impressive individual. First of all, he is super smart. He came into office, he took a $3.6 billion deficit and turned it into a $1 billion dollar surplus without raising taxes, cutting services to the poor, and decimating educations...

He won three elections in Wisconsin in four years, in a state which hasn't voted for a Republican for president since 1984, not by tacking to the center, but by governing as an unapologetic, full-spectrum conservative...

The difference between Walker and people like Trump... is he is not just a fighter, he is a fighter who can win. He's taken on tough fights and he has won every single time.

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