Chess Champion Garry Kasparov: If Bush Wins Nomination, GOP "Will Be Trapped In A Debate About The Past"


Garry Kasparov became world chess champion at the age of 22 in 1986, and he remained the hardly-disputed top player in the world until he retired in 2005, to study and write about politics. His bid to challenge Vladimir Putin in Russia's 2008 elections was unsuccessful, and he has since left Russia and denounced "Project Putin" as a "rerun of Project Hitler."

Here, Fox Business Network's Maria Bartiromo asks him for his thoughts on the 2016 Republican primary.

GARRY KASPAROV: Investors are always looking for a safe bet, and Jeb Bush looks like a safe bet.

But in my opinion, he would be a disaster for the GOP. He is the only candidate that the Hillary Clinton can beat. GOP can win only if they talk about the future, and Jeb Bush can not be an agent of change. Even if he tells you the greatest story, nobody will listen because he is Bush. The family kills him, the family name.

So I think if Bush is winning the nomination, I think GOP will be dragged into a debate about the past. And the media, the liberal media, will have the dream target to attack.

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