Former Mexican President Felipe Calderon Won't Refute Trump's Immigration Claims: "Trying To Get Votes"


Chris Hayes asks Felipe Calderón (President of Mexico 2006-2012) about Donald Trump's claim that the Mexican government intentionally sends its worst people to the United States.

"Their government forces many bad people into our country, because they're smart. Smarter than our leaders," said Trump. "This guy that killed a wonderful young woman from San Francisco. He went back to Mexico, they forced him out... We are taking Mexico's problems."

The Mexican president does not respond to or refute his claims, instead he refuses to dignify them with a response.

FELIPE CALDERON: I don't want to talk about this guy. He is only trying to get votes. I won't provide him more attention, he doesn't deserve it...

I strongly recommend to stay far away from away from the extremism that only are trying to seat hate between countries that are friends, allies, neighbors, and the only way in which we can prosper is working together, putting aside all those voices because self interest or vested interest are trying to separate us from this very important alliance we need to forge.

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