Krauthammer Responds To Trump: "He's Repeating Himself," "I'm Done."


In an interview with MSNBC earlier today Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump responded to syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer calling him a "rodeo clown."

"Charles Krauthammer is a totally overrated person who really dislikes me personally," Trump said. "I've never met him but he's a completely overrated guy who doesn't know what he's doing."

You may recall that in June Donald Trump called Krauthammer "overrated" and a "loser."

"He's repeating himself. I'm like Jeb on this. I'm done. The man's specialty to suck oxygen, I'm going to be breathing fresh air," Krauthammer responded.

"And I do want to make an appeal to the viewers out there to crowdsource, to buy Jonah a pair of pants. I think if you look under the table it's disgraceful the way he comes to the show," Krauthammer joked.

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