GOP Strategist John Feehery: Jeb Bush's Plan To "Get More People Legalized" Is A Good Message


TAMRON HALL, MSNBC: By all accounts for the Republicans to win this general election, you need 40% of the Hispanic vote. I know Kristen [Welker] said immigration would be a major headline in the debates. I think we always expected that.

But the tone, it seems, for your party is being heavily set by Donald Trump and how he's choosing to handle immigration. I want to play for you a brand new interview with Donald Trump. Our own reporter just spoke with him and here's what he said about crime and Mexicans...

JOHN FEEHERY, GOP STRATEGIST: Well, listen, I think Jeb Bush is the front runner right now and I think he has a really good message on immigration, which is we need to get more people legalized and deal with the border issue, which I think is an issue for voters, especially if you look at the sanctuary city in San Francisco. You yourself said this policy is not in step with what the American people want.

TAMRON HALL: But who brought that issue up? Did Jeb Bush lead the conversation on sanctuary city, or did Donald Trump lead the way for your party on this? Because prior to Donald Trump dragging this in, and by the way, the family of that young victim don't want her to be politicized. Is he now the de facto leader of your party on immigration? Does he have the momentum?

FEEHERY: I think Jeb Bush is the leader in the polls, and I think he'll be our nominee unless it's someone like John Kasich. Anyone who is the nominee understands you need to gather votes from all people in the country, including Hispanics, and you have to be sensitive to this voting block. Donald Trump is getting a lot of play because the media loves Donald Trump because he says outrageous things.

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