CNN's Keilar on Clinton Interview: "I Didn't Hear A More Open Or Transparent Hillary," She Blamed Republicans


CNN's Brianna Keilar, who nabbed the first interview with Democratic presidential campaign Hillary Clinton since announcing her run, analyzes how Clinton handled questions on her trustworthiness.

JIM SCIUTTO, CNN: We're back with Brianna Keilar and her exclusive interview with Hillary Clinton... Brianna, I want to start with you. So this is Hillary Clinton's first national interview. In a way, her reintroduction to the American public as the 2016 campaign gets into higher gear with a lot of challenges on trust, on openness, on email questions.

You were pressing her on a number of these issues, and she was pushing back on some of these issues. As you were sitting across from her, did you see and hear a more forthcoming, a more open Hillary Clinton or a defiant one?

KEILAR: No, I didn't hear a more open or transparent Hillary Clinton. I heard her not engaging on the issue of Bernie Sanders. He's a self- described Democratic socialist. And asking -- I asked her why is he garnering the support, this enthusiasm you don't seem to among Democrats. She wouldn't engage on that.

Even on this concern about if she were to face off about -- against Jeb Bush, and there would be this dynastic race between Bush-Clinton, who we haven't seen in 25 years when her husband ran for president. She wouldn't engage on that. She was very quick to move on, on that.

And then the big issue, I think, has to do with her trust. She insists that voters should and do trust her. But at the same time, we see in our recent poll that nearly six in ten Americans say they don't find her honest or trustworthy. That's very significant. Credibility so key to leadership.

And while she really is blaming Republicans on this, this is actually a recent development that we have seen with a couple controversies plaguing her, one being the e-mails, which even Democrats will say that's a self-inflicted wound, that she was using her personal e-mail account only, a personal server; that she turned over e-mails she chose to, but ultimately wiped her server.

And then this issue of the Clinton Foundation, having business, or dealing with donations from countries that may have had business and certainly will have had business before the U.S. in the future, Jim.

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