Paul Begala: Hillary Roping Off Press Was "Horrible"


On Tuesday's edition of CNN's New Day, Clinton confidant Paul Begala criticized presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for the "terrible optic" of roping off reporters from her during a July 4th parade appearance. Begala called it "horrible."

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN NEW DAY: Paul, help me understand something, as you've done for most of my life. You keep saying that she wants to take it to grassroots person by person. How do you square that with shutting out the media? I don't get how the two go together?

PAUL BEGALA, CLINTON CONFIDANT: Because you're not a person, Cuomo. You're the media. She listens to real --

CUOMO: That hurt my feelings; it did not help me understanding.


ALISYN CAMEROTA: He doesn't have feelings, but if he did, it would hurt them.

BEGALA: I had my feelings surgically removed years ago. So I'm sorry if I offended. No. She is the most famous woman in America perhaps, one of the most famous women in the world. And yet what she wants to do is go person to person. That's why it was a terrible optic and I'm glad they're correcting it, or I hope they are --

CAMEROTA: Of the rope line.

BEGALA: Roping off the press is horrible.

CAMEROTA: That was not good.

CUOMO: You liked it.

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