Luke Rudkowski Reports From Athens Streets: "The Message Here Is These People Have Nothing Left To Lose"


Luke Rudkowski, an independent journalist from reports on the ground in Athens, Greece during and after their referendum on "odious" debt to European creditors.

On Sunday as the votes were counted:

LUKE RUDOWSKI, WE ARE CHANGE: People are gathered here in this local restaurant in this main square, and it looks like the "No" vote is going to win now... There are plenty of riot cops all over this place, because tonight the people here will either celebrate or riot, based on the decision...

From my reporting on the ground, talking to journalists, and people on the streets, looking at the poll number now, it looks like the "No" vote is the clear winner...

Obviously this decision will have huge implications, not only on Greece, but the entire financial system. The ECB, the European Central Bank had originally cut off the cash flow to Greece, causing those long ATM lines, will most likely not issue any more funds, causing Greece to issue their own currency. When that happens, Greece will be forced out of the Eurozone, affecting the Euro and the global financial system...

At the public party on Sunday night.

Hundreds of people are already here, celebrating the "No" victory, and this is only the beginning of the celebrations... What you are seeing right now is five years of austerity coming to an end. The people are celebrating, this is a party...

The energy here is palpable. These people went up against the big banks, the mainstream media, and they were successful in doing so.

They pretty much told the IMF, the ECB, the EU to bug off. The simple message they have here is that they have nothing left to lose.

About Russian influence in Greece:

There's even a Russia flag here, which shows significance of a possible alliance between Russia and Greece. Russia is bartering for three islands on the Greek coast.

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