Kornacki to Christie: Media Was Not Blaming You, We Were Going After High-Level Members Of Administration


On MSNBC this afternoon, host and investigator Steve Kornacki, one of the network's chief critics of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, said it was the Republican presidential candidate who made this about himself, not the media. Kornacki, speaking on behalf of the media, said reporters were far more interested in Christie's inner-circle in regards to the closing of lanes on the George Washington Bridge, not the Governor himself.

THOMAS ROBERTS, MSNBC: If he stays louder than the media about Bridgegate, demanding apologies, does what make everybody go away or dig in even more? I mean, were you downstairs crafting your handwritten apology note?

STEVE KORNACKI, MSNBC: When this all started, Chris Christie said to the media, you are going to owe apologies to David Wildstein and Bill Baroni. David Wildstein has since pled guilty to federal charges and now is the star witness for federal prosecutors in a case against Bill Baroni, who is now facing a federal indictment. Chris Christie is no longer saying, apparently, that either one of them is owed an apology.

Part of the problem here -- Christie was saying this morning everybody from the beginning said this was all my doing, this was something I masterminded and ever since the media has backed off and they owe me an apology. Well, that's not what everybody was saying from the beginning. From the beginning, this was a very mysterious thing. This was a massive traffic jam that shut an entire town down for a week. As school was opening. As commuters were trying to get to New York. And nobody knew what caused it and there was some very mysterious signals being sent that this might have something to do with high-ranking members of this administration, maybe acting in some sort of political retribution scheme.

Now, for months, Chris Christie was asked about this, at the end of 2013. He was asked this mysterious traffic jam, these people in your administration, these signals they were getting, does this mean anything? He ridiculed the idea for months that there was anything to this. He lectured the media for months telling them you should not be going after this story and if you do, you will have to apologize to Bill Baroni, you will have to apologize to David Wildstein and only, only, in January 2014, when that e-mail comes out, when somebody in his office says, "time for traffic problems in Fort Lee," only then does Chris Christie reverse himself and start to say, okay, there was something to this. And now here we are a year and a half later and he is the one who is owed an apology.

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