Chris Christie: Obama Is Giving Iran The Bomb, "Give Them Your Belt, They'll Want Your Pants"


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was among nine presidential candidates who spent the weekend courting voters in New Hampshire. Christie, the 14th Republican to enter the 2016 race, joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss foreign policy, an issue where he has not been a leading voice.

On the Greek debt default, and the austerity referendum:

CHRIS CHRISTIE: If the Greeks are not going to step forward to make the kinds of sacrifices that are necessary, it is going to be a very tough decisions for the EU on how they go forward. But the fact is, it also shows that there is a strain of how people want to have self determination. So the EU, I think, has some big decisions to make...

I don't think the Greek economy is big enough to have that serious an impact, but if it looks like it is leading to a crumbling EU, it might have more impact.

On the negotiations currently taking place in Vienna between Secretary of State John Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif:

CHRIS CHRISTIE: [Obama] is giving Iran a nuclear weapon. The largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world is moving towards a nuclear weapon with the permission of the United States. It is outrageous.

It is an outrageous thing to do, and the president now extends talks another week, another week.

You give them your belt, they'll want your pants next. That's the way it goes.

I said in New Hampshire last week. You wouldn't buy a car this way, let alone have nuclear talks this way. You can't look like you want the car too much.

The president is so worried about legacy, having his signature on an agreement with Iran, whether it is good for the country or the world. If you are an ally in the middle east, what are you thinking this morning. This is a bad thing for the president. I think he should just get smart about this. Walk away from the table, increase the sanctions. The Iranians will come back to the table...

It is not a good deal, and I expect that any American president would want to figure out a way to walk away from a bad deal...

They have four tons more of enriched nuclear materials than they said they would have when they signed the framework to get in to the negotiations. It doesn't look like that part of it has slowed them down. I think the sanctions have worked in terms of bringing them to the table, but when you are a negotiator on the other side like Secretary of State John Kerry, and you look so anxious to get a deal, of course they are going to try to get as much as they can. Walk away from the table.

It is the best way to handle this. Increase the sanctions, Congress wants to do it. Unite the allies and move forward.

They'll come back to the table the same way they did before, but they will come back knowing that America will not sign a bad deal for the U.S. and the rest of the world.

CBS's Nora O'Donnell asks about his "slumber party" at Mitt Romney's New Hampshire vacation house.

NORA O'DONNELL: We know there was a slumber party at Gov. Romney's house, I know you were one of the first to endorse him when he ran for president, are you hoping for his endorsement?

CHRIS CHRISTIE: Well sure, I'm hoping for everybody's endorsement. I'm hoping for Mitt Romney's, I'm hoping for yours, so we'll try to get everybody's that we can. But we had a really great time... with Marco [Rubio].

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