Christie: Building A Fence on the Southern Border Sends the "Wrong Message"


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie entered the 2016 race this week with a trip to New Hampshire, where he wasted no time taking a stand on illegal immigration:

Chris Christie earlier in the week: "Please be careful of anyone running for president who will tell you they'll build a wall across the entire southern border. It's not going to happen and it is the wrong message to send, and it is not going to be effective."

On Sunday he spoke in an exclusive interview with Fox News Sunday to clarify what he means.

FOX NEWS HOST: Was that a jab at Donald Trump and what's your plan for the border?

GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE: First off, it's not a jab at just Donald Trump. Lots of people have talked about building a wall across the entire southern border. I think it's the wrong message.

By the way, I know the human spirit. I haven't found a wall that can be built that a determined human being can not get over, under or around. There may be spots along the border where fencing and walling makes sense because of geography or topography, but that's a simple politicians answer -- to build a wall across our entire southern border. My plan for the border would be multi-fold.

First: It would be first to use the type of fencing in certain areas that I talked about before.

Second, would be to use electronic surveillance we have available to us, through drones and other electronic surveillance on the border and of course to use border patrol officers to do it.

And fourth and most important is to require employer in America to use e-verify. They're coming across the border not to vote like Hillary Clinton tells us, but they're coming to work.

If they're not able to be employed if they come here illegally, if every employer uses e-verify, and if they violate the law, there are fines that are so significant that profits they make off hiring lower wage workers and discriminating against workers won't be worth their while, you will see a real diminishing of people coming across the border.

That's common sense and effective ways of being able to secure our border, and you need an executive who has executive experience who knows how to enforce that. And the American people believe will enforce the law unlike this president. They know I'll enforce the law. I'm a former prosecutor and an executive from New Jersey, I'll be able to do that.

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