Jennifer Griffin: ISIS, Hamas & Muslim Brotherhood Fighting Real War Against Egypt In The Sinai


JENNIFER GRIFFIN, FOX NEWS: This is the bloodiest fighting between the government and Islamic militants in Egypt in as long as I can remember, some would say in decades. Today marks one year since the overthrow by the Egyptian military of President Mohammed Morsi and his Muslim brotherhood.

The scene in Sinai where 64 Egyptian soldiers were killed in 15 simultaneous suicide bombing attacks yesterday resembled a warzone. Those attacks came two days after radicals assassinated Egypt's chief prosecutor, the equivalent of our U.S. attorney general (who recently sentenced ex-President Morsi to death). The government prosecutor had led government efforts in cracking down on the Muslim brotherhood...

Egypt has launched air strikes in the Sinai, the second day of air raids killed at least 23 people near the border crossing with the Gaza strip... Egyptian soldiers also are going door to door in Sinai looking for militants... Egyptian special forces raided a Cairo apartment Friday killing nine top members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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